This page has been created for families who are currently, or have accessed a service from LMH Child Therapy.

Here I’ll add helpful links, tips and resources for you to use.

What are the services?

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What is “child-centred play therapy”? A brief explanation and where can I read more?


Why are you visiting me?  My child needs the help.

Often with children’s difficulties, their caregivers are in the best place to help. Caregivers are more accessible to children and can provide the environment children need to progress and develop.

Children’s attachment relates to more than just relationships. It is within a nurturing relationship that children begin to explore the world and develop their understanding of emotions and how to behave. Sometimes, children miss out on some of the steps to developing their skills for managing their behaviour, their fears or understanding the world.

Caregivers can help to provide children with the support they need to fill in the gaps in their learning. This can mean giving children care which is slightly different to that which comes naturally, using more talking about feelings and reading children’s silent messages.



Some useful links:

Is your child having trouble with sleeping? Here is a great link. It is written for parents with toddlers but falling asleep is a learned behaviour. Some children just take longer to get there, these tips should help.

There are loads of great articles at Aha! Parenting. This is a site for all ages and covers many issues!


Take a moment to breathe. Here is a useful link for Mindfulness:


A 5-Minute Breathing Meditation To Cultivate Mindfulness

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